Welcome readers! In this week’s Kimber Doll blog, we’ll be discussing our unique shipping advantages with our three warehouse locations. We’ll also be explaining how we handle delivery to our customers privately and discreetly.

To begin with, Kimber Doll has warehouse locations located in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany. Our company HQ is run from Australia where our primary warehouse, photography suite and product testing/development takes place. Our full inventory of stocked and ready to ship products in the USA, the UK, Canada and Germany are housed, dispatched and kept securely by 3rd party warehousing companies.

Our experience in online retail and e-commerce fulfilment allows us to offer our products to Kimber Doll customers in a very unique and efficient way.

Different from the majority of love doll sellers, our products are stocked and shipped within the country or region that you purchase from. This means no drop shipping or air freighting direct to customers is required. Our products are delivered directly to our customers discreetly and privately with registered couriers.

There are dozens of risks and worries to juggle when it comes to drop shipping and air freighting direct to customers. Customs and port gates all have different rules and regulations plus limitations that could impede your delivery at any stage. Different countries also have different import fees, duties, taxes and invoicing that can be a real headache for the inexperienced. Not to mention, the tariff regulations or anti-dumping taxes that are now enforced in places like the UK.

When shopping with Kimber Doll, we take care of every single one of these risks and headaches by removing any possible difficulty in shipping and delivery. We hear of many sad stories from our customers, repeating stories of their previous purchases from overseas suppliers being held in customs or confiscated at port-gates. We’ve even heard of some customers being fined for not having the correct documentation or import clearance. It can get very messy!

For in-stock items, our delivery process could not be any simpler. When you purchase a Kimber Doll from our online store, you are instantly emailed with your order confirmation and payment receipt. Within 48 hours (on business days) we ship your item from the country or region of your location, with an email sent to you at the time of shipment including your tracking number, (where applicable). From here, you’re able to track the progress of your delivery and if need be, contact the courier with your consignment for any special requests or change of address.

Regarding privacy and discretion, rest assured that every shipping document and label is completely discreet. Our official trading name is “Personal Technology” (which you will also see on your billing statement). All packaging is also completely plain and unassuming, meaning you have nothing to worry about during the delivery process.

Upon delivery, all orders do require a signature from a person at your location due to their value and for our proof of delivery to you. We cannot leave items unattended or with post offices due to their value and size. Post offices will not take items as large or heavy as our Kimber Doll, which is why we must ship with registered couriers that deliver door to door and use a tracking system.

From delivery, everything is now in your control! We often hear of customers who describe an incredible level of excitement and anticipation waiting for the delivery of their Kimber Doll… The perfect woman boxed up and eagerly awaiting her new home.

If you have any other questions about our prices or our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Thank you for reading!

- Kimber Doll Team