Product Testing & Compliance

Welcome readers to this week’s blog post.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing our recent update to compliance that brings Kimber Doll up to the strictest standards in the industry.

Our Kimber Doll has always been manufactured to a high level with skin-safe materials that are tested and compliant to all industry standards. Tests performed by the globally renowned and reputable BCTC Group on our Kimber Doll mean that she is now fully compliant to ISO standards within our industry. We now have an independent Certificate of Compliance to proudly display within our online store.

Feel free to download a copy and take a look for yourself, also note Kimber’s eye mask looking very trendy worn during testing.

Kimber Doll Certificate

You will note that in the elements testing, non-toxic traces of Barium are observed and the reason this is actually quite interesting. We’ve been informed that Barium appears in the elements tested due to the x-ray scanning on this particular Kimber Doll at the beginning of the testing process. So while it’s not something customers would need to be concerned with, (as Kimber Dolls are not x-rayed individually), it’s good to know that BCTC and their lab workers have tested our Kimber Doll very carefully, inside and out. 

This testing process done by BCTC is by no means a quick ‘once over.’ In fact, this Kimber Doll taken from our June’19 production was tested for a whole 8 days which includes testing done on all materials. This includes the latest flesh compound that our Kimber Doll is comprised of, her skeleton, facial features and even the details that are added by hand such as Kimber’s makeup.

As always please free to get in touch with us for any questions or queries and we have been enjoying bringing our followers an inside look into our operations. We greatly appreciate your feedback and look forward to our next blog post.

Thank you for reading.

- Kimber Doll Team